Causes of dead engines on motorcycles

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One of the fears when driving on the highway is when the motorcycle being driven suddenly turns off the engine. Especially if the path taken is a small road far from the workshop and no one can help.

You may have experienced something like this. If not, you should pay more attention and pay attention to the condition of your motorcycle. Motor that died suddenly, generally caused by the condition of the motor that is not prime.


Motor vehicles need fuel to work. If the engine suddenly dies even though the engine has been properly cared for and routinely performs maintenance at an authorized workshop, fuel could be the main cause.

The type of fuel used has a major effect on the combustion process of each motor. Low octane will cause a lot of loose lead that clogs the valve so that the motor shuts down suddenly. Using fuel with a higher octane, can maintain the quality of the motor engine and prevent engine failure.

One of the causes of sudden death of a motorcycle engine is also caused by a blockage of the fuel line entering the carburetor. This blockage can be caused by dirt in the gas hose to the carburetor so that gasoline is not normal or even cannot flow.

Includes air filter.

The function of the air filter is to filter the air that enters the combustion chamber so that it does not mix with dirt and dust so that the air and gasoline mixture is more perfect. If the condition of the air filter is dirty, it will cause a heavy gas pull and the motor will stop suddenly or break down.

Engine Overheated

The cause of overheating in the motor engine is due to the blockage of oil circulation in the engine. The piston rings become dry so the motor suddenly shuts down. Hot temperatures arise from the combustion system or from the friction that occurs between the piston and the boring liner. The heat that cannot be removed by the lubricant makes the temperature rise rapidly, as a result the piston expands and is trapped in the boring liner.

Engine oil on a motorcycle can be reduced because it is used for long distance trips which can cause the oil to evaporate through the pores of engine deposits. Engine oil is reduced due to a weak piston ring which causes the motor to emit smoke due to burning oil. That way the oil will decrease continuously so that when riding a motorcycle in hot temperatures causes the motor to die suddenly.


The motor ignition system also consists of a spool, kiprok, CDI, and ignition coil. Spool and kiprok are the main components to supply electric current to the motor electrical system. If there is a problem with the electric current, the spark from the spark plug will not ignite and combustion will not occur. If combustion does not occur then the motor will not be able to start.

Perform Routine Service

Under certain conditions, a spark plug that is too small can cause the engine to stop. A damaged motor engine is an early symptom of damage. When the sound of your engine starts brebet, combustion does not occur completely. As a result, the power becomes low for compression and the piston stroke will stop. This is what causes the engine to die suddenly.

Make sure you always service your motorcycle engine at an authorized workshop on a regular basis. Perform routine service every 2 months so that the condition of the motor remains according to factory standards.

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