Causes of Diesel Cars Difficult to Live

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You need to understand that diesel car engines certainly have different characteristics and work systems from gasoline-fueled cars.

Of course, the way of maintenance and various problems are also different between the two car engines. For this reason, a deep understanding is needed, especially regarding diesel car engines.

Because, very few people know how to care for a diesel car engine. Given, in the application itself does have different treatment steps.

One of the problems that often becomes a scourge is that diesel car engines are difficult to start or turn back on.

Causes of Diesel Cars Difficult to Live

Of course if this could be a problem it would be difficult to start the engine when it's cold or early in the morning.

Constraints like this are often found in diesel engines that have been used for a long time, even new diesel engines can experience this if the engine lacks maintenance.

But as a diesel car owner, of course you have to understand what makes a diesel car difficult to live. Let's see the review together.

There are several factors that cause diesel engines to be turned on both in the morning and when the engine is cold even under normal conditions. Among others, as will be explained in the discussion below.

Causes of Diesel Engines Difficult to Start in the Morning

Low battery

It should be noted that the starter system on a diesel car of course uses a battery or power as a power source to drive the power to drive the motor dynamo.

If in this case the battery has problems, such as weak voltage, it will affect the process of starting the car engine.

Usually the low voltage here will be marked with a stuttering engine as an indication that the starter dynamo cannot start the engine due to a lack of power supply from the battery.

To solve problems like this, of course, one way to overcome them is to check the condition of the battery in the car.

If the battery is good but the voltage is reduced, of course you only need to charge the battery until the voltage returns to 12 volts.

Meanwhile, if the battery in a diesel car that functions as a battery here is bloated, that's a sign that its capacity has begun to decrease.

That way, it would be better if you replace the battery if it is really damaged or the main cause of diesel cars starting is due to low battery voltage.

Stop contact

In addition, there is one component that is involved in access or influence when a diesel car engine is started. Namely glow plugs or glow plugs.

The glow plug component here functions to heat the combustion chamber within the scope of a diesel car engine.

Generally the combustion chamber will be turned on in the morning or when the engine temperature drops dramatically, so it needs to be supported by a glow plug to raise the temperature so that the combustion process can still be carried out even in low temperature conditions.

These glow plugs are located in each cylinder. If one of the glow plugs is damaged, the effect will disrupt the system or the combustion process in one cylinder

If only one died, the effect would not be too pronounced. However, if both glow plugs die, the diesel will be difficult to start, even for the engine to start.

Obviously this condition is because the temperature in the combustion chamber does not exceed the point of diesel fuel. So, the car engine feels very difficult or stutters when turned on.

Air To Fuel Line

In addition, the cause of diesel cars turning on when turned on, does not rule out the possibility of being triggered by flu symptoms.

The wind in the diesel car in question refers more to the condition of the air entering the diesel engine fuel line area.

Generally, the air intake is triggered during the process of replacing the air filter on a diesel car engine.

The problem lies in how the air can be compressed so that when the fuel pump starts operating it will trigger a pressure that only fuel and air get pressure.

In conditions like this, of course, it can cause the diesel fuel coming out of the injector to be disturbed by the presence of air in the injector system which will cause the engine to be disturbed when it is turned on.

Therefore, to work around this, you can manually apply pressure to the solar tip to expel the air in the fuel injector from the fuel line.

However, it is recommended to do it in a workshop because it requires experts so as not to trigger damage to other components.

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