Causes of Motorcycles Often Jammed and How to Overcome

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On a motorcycle there are many moving components and parts that must work hard when the engine is running. Due to continuous use, the performance of some components may decrease.

A damaged motor is actually an indication that some of your favorite motorcycle components are experiencing problems and a sign that you need to do service.

This brebet symptom usually appears when the motor is running and the gas grip starts to spin deeper. The motor pulls intermittently and in some cases the motor even dies and breaks. Just imagine, for example having a motorcycle accident while overtaking or being in the middle of the highway, of course it can be very dangerous.

Some Carmudians must still be confused about why their favorite motorbike could crash. Actually, some of the causes are not due to serious problems but need immediate treatment. If left unchecked, the motor feels uncomfortable and the damage can spread to other parts.

A motor that breaks down suddenly is quite dangerous

In general, the cause of the motor brebet because the comparison in the combustion chamber is not up to standard. This is because the type of fuel that is not suitable and automatically makes the engine combustion less than perfect.

There are several other causes of brebet motors that must be known so that later they can make repairs quickly. This method of handling can also be used as a prevention so that the motor does not tense up again when gassed at high or low rpm. Curious what causes it? Come on, let's go a step further.

Improper use of fuel is a common cause of motorized vehicles. Many motorcycle owners deliberately use fuel that is not in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturer on the grounds of being more efficient. On average, motorists prefer cheap fuels, such as Pertalite or Premium.

Collisions like this occur because of knocking on the engine which causes the motor to break down. For that, check the owner's manual or find out the compression of your motorcycle engine and what fuel is right. By using the appropriate fuel and of course by the manufacturer, the symptoms of brebet can disappear.

Spark Plug Start Soak

Motor spark plugs that must be replaced with new ones so that motor performance remains optimal

The next cause that can make the motor crash is due to a weak spark plug. The stun flow cannot be completely changed, causing a fire in the combustion chamber. Fires which of course make the combustion not optimal so that symptoms appear brebet.

If the spark plug is not in prime condition, such as dirty, too loose or even damaged, combustion in the engine compartment will be less than perfect. To fix this, make sure the condition of the spark plug is still good. Spark plugs that are not good or dirty, make combustion so choked and incomplete.

If you see a lot of black soot, look at the spark plugs first and then put them back in. But if the problem still persists, you will have to replace the business with a new one. Before reinstalling, do not forget to check the spark plug gap is too loose or normal.

As a rule, if the gap between the spark plugs is more than 1 mm, we recommend replacing it with a new one. When replacing spark plugs, choose a cooler type, for example NGK7 the number is 8 or 9, this is because cold spark plugs are more resistant.

Dirty Air Filter

The cause of the brebet motor on this one is actually easy to overcome. Over time, the air filter gets dirty over time as it filters dust from the air that enters the fuel chamber. Well, this accumulated dust, if left unchecked, makes the air filter gap clogged. As a result, the injector or carburetor cannot suck up air optimally.

You need to know, the service life of the owner's manual air filter reaches a mileage of 16 thousand kilometers. This use is faster if in urban areas or industrial areas that have a lot of dust. A clogged air filter can cause the motor to stop and the engine to stop suddenly.

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