How to increase ranking in google search

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Every site owner, be it a website or blog, always wants the website he owns and manages to enter and dominate the top position in search engine results, such as yahoo!, bing, ask, etc., especially the google search engine.

Many things are behind this, including search engines which are considered as a means to bring in visitors with the right target.

A person who, for example, types the word "selling futsal shoes" through a search engine, he is most likely a person who wants to buy futsal shoes online, and when our website sells futsal shoes and appears in a search engine, that person will most likely visit the site. the. NS.

SEO exists because of the results of research by experts or those who are experienced in getting the best position in search engine searches. In forums both online and offline, there are a lot of discussions about SEO, but again this is only based on their research, not about leaked Google algorithms. From most discussions about SEO, they always find the following things to get a good position in Search engines.

The secret of how to increase the position of a blog in google search


This site loads fast loading

This is part of what is called On page SEO, or SEO optimization that we do to improve our site. By having a site with fast loading and light weight, it makes it easier for robots from search engines to crawl all site content and then display it in search results.

Maybe many of you prefer web designs that are complicated and look beautiful with various ornaments, but this turns out to be burdensome for loading a site. JavaScript type script is one of the things that is touted as one of the things that makes a site heavy.

But of course we really need javascript to design a website, so use javascript well. Another cause is content in the form of flash or video which is the biggest contributor to the slow running of the web.

Nice site structure

A good web structure is one that has a valid programming language, whether it's a script in the form of css, html, php, etc. Make sure our site has no errors in script writing, now there are many tools to identify whether our web site has many errors or not. We can find out through online sites such as w3 or by using software.

The use of the Heading tag on a site is also very important, so that search engines can find out the titles and subtitles on each page on a site. The h1 tag for the title is one of the most important factors in SEO, many seo experts recommend using this tag. Also use the meta description so that search engines can find out the short contents of the page that we create

Submit sitemap

A sitemap is a sitemap in XML form. By creating a sitemap, we intend to provide all of the table of contents on our site, as well as tell search engines which pages may and may not appear in their searches. So when we create a sitemap, make sure not to include pages that should not be indexed (not displayed on search engines) in the sitemap, in addition to blocking which pages should not be indexed we can use a file in the form of robots.txt. txt.

With a sitemap, all the pages on our site can appear both on Google and other search engines. With the number of indexed pages means the greater the chance of a site getting a lot of visitors.

When we have created a sitemap, we can submit it to Google Webmaster for Google search engines and Bing Webmasters for Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Get backlinks

Backlinks or backlinks are links from other sites that point to our site. In SEO, backlinks are one of the Off page SEO methods or seo methods that are carried out outside the pages of our site. Google and other search engines believe when a site provides links to other sites that the site has endorsed the site.

For example like this, when site A provides a link to site B, the search engine believes that site A already supports site B. Therefore site B will get a higher place in search results than site A. The more sites get backlinks, the bigger it most likely comes from a site that shows up in the top search results of google.

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