Recognize Car Water Pump Problems and Their Characteristics

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Every component in the car certainly requires attention in the form of maintenance measures to keep it durable and long lasting.

However, every maintenance step requires the right steps so that later the car component maintenance process can be carried out correctly and perfectly.

Well, one important aspect that is often rarely noticed by car owners is the car's water pump.

It should be understood that a problematic car water pump is generally triggered due to several factors which are actually quite trivial.

Broken Car Water Pump Sign

It's just that, it is often ignored, causing damage or problems with the car's water pump.

Where in general the problem with the water pump on the car lies in the bearing area which has begun to not be able to run its working system.

Usually the condition of this bearing damage will be indicated by the appearance of a rough sound when the car engine is turned on.

Well, for that as a precaution, of course you need to recognize the various factors that characterize a problematic car water pump. Come on, check the complete info.

There are several factors that certainly characterize the condition of the car's water pump damage. Here are the signs you need to understand.

Sound Appears from Machine Area

Generally, damage to the water pump on a car will usually be marked by an indication of the appearance of a sound coming from the hood area of ​​the car.

This sudden sound usually appears because there is damage to the water pump bearing.

To be sure, of course you have to check it by removing the fan belt and then turning the water pump by hand.

If the damage to the water pump is too severe then when the water pump is rotated it will usually feel like it is stuck on one side.

However, if you feel the pulley on the water pump sway sideways when you hold it, then it is an indication that the water pump is making a louder sound.

Water in Radiator Not Circulating

In addition, if the condition of the water pump on the car is problematic, it can be seen from the condition of the radiator water.

Usually the water in the radiator will not circulate properly. The reason is, the car's water pump which is supposed to function to pump radiator water has a problem, causing the radiator water to not work.

Meanwhile, to check it, you can see the radiator cap hole when the engine is idle. If the condition of the water pump is in normal condition, the radiator water will appear circulating.

If the condition of the water pump fluid still does not move, then that is a sign that the water pump is not working.

Well, from here it can be a sign for you that the water pump cannot run which requires you to check its condition or replace it with a new one.

Radiator Fan Rotates Non-stop

In addition, it cannot be denied that the relationship between the radiator component circuit and the water pump is very close.

So, you can also recognize the characteristics or signs of a problematic water pump from the condition of the radiator fan that continues to rotate without stopping but the temperature in the engine does not change or remains hot.

This condition is of course due to the absence of a radiator water cooler that is able to stabilize the temperature caused by the radiator water not circulating because the water pump as the driver cannot work properly.

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