Signs that the V-Belt Motor Matic is starting to break and must be replaced

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As we know that the v-belt component on the automatic motor is one of the important components.

Not without reason, considering that the v-belt has a role as a wheel drive on the scooter which will certainly cause problems if the v-belt component experiences problems.

One of them is the problem of age. Which, if it's like this, of course, must replace it with a new v-belt.

The problem is, when is the right time to replace the v-belt on an automatic motorcycle?

Well, regarding this, of course, before deciding to buy a new van belt, Ana must first know what the symptoms are if the scooter's v-belt needs to be replaced.

Where, there are several signs that can be a 'message' from the motor that it is time to replace the v-belt with a new one.

Alright, about this Mas Sena will give a little info about the characteristics of the automatic motor v-belt that is starting to break and must be replaced with a new one.

  • Always Service Routine to Control the Condition of the V-Belt
  • Avoid Using Heavy/Wrong Wheels
  • Avoid Riding a Motorcycle with Shock Pull
  • Signs of Damaged and Worn V-Belt Motors

In some cases, there are certain characteristics that indicate in case of irreparable damage to the v-belt. Instead, it should be replaced with a new one. Here are the characteristics.

V Belt Mark Must Be Replaced

Rubber V-Belt Starting to Crack

The first thing that can be seen with the eye that characterizes the v-belt that must be replaced is the condition of the v-belt rubber that is starting to crack.

You can easily see the physical signs of a motor matic v-belt that must be replaced, namely by looking at the curve by forming the letter V on the jagged part.

There are cracks in each section of the groove which is an indication that the v-belt is worn and it is time to replace it.

In some cases, this condition is not a problem. But if left too long will worsen the condition of the motor. Especially the parts or components that are directly related to the v-belt itself.

Motor Pull Feels Heavy

On the other hand, if you feel the pull of the automatic motor starting to feel heavy, then it could be a sign that your scooter's v-belt is starting to wear out and become brittle.

Such conditions are certainly the effect or impact of the v-belt which is no longer able to grip the wheel drive area which makes it feel heavy when driving on the highway.

Therefore, if you start to feel that something is wrong with the pull of the automatic motor, try checking the v-belt.

Because, in addition to late service, weak motor pull is also an indication of a weak v-belt which of course needs to be replaced with a new one.

You can check the automatic motor v-belt and its routine service. So, if it's time to replace it, you should immediately replace it with a newer one.

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