This Causes Car Engine Oil To Drop Fast

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There are various factors that trigger the oil in a car engine to run out quickly that many people rarely realize.

Car Engine Oil Runs Out Fast – Engine oil in a vehicle is certainly one of the most important aspects to always be maintained. Including four-wheeled vehicles.

Of course, the presence of car engine oil will greatly affect the condition of the car engine system. Where, as a fluid that functions as a lubricant while maintaining the temperature inside the engine.

Therefore, every car owner must always check the oil regularly considering its indispensable role in running the engine operating system.

Because, if not treated, there will be many problems. Like a car engine oil that runs out quickly which is often not realized by the owner.

Causes of Car Engine Oil Running Out Fast

If this is allowed, it will trigger various consequences of running out of car engine oil. Which, it will not be far from the runway system on a car that is easily damaged and worn out.

For that, you must understand what causes car engine oil to seep which makes it run out quickly even though it has just been replaced.

Thus, the problem of running out of car oil can be minimized with maximum prevention efforts.

Well, below are various reasons that cause car engine oil to run out that you need to pay attention to the characteristics and triggering factors.

In some cases, the engine oil in the car will decrease gradually. However, if suddenly the volume of oil decreases drastically, of course there are factors that cause it. Is as follows.

Signs of Car Oil Starting to Reduce

There is Seepage in the Oil Line

First, it is very possible if the problem is that the oil runs out easily because the drain plug that functions to drain the car engine oil is leaking.

As the engine ages, these components are often disassembled while the engine is still hot, potentially damaging the drain plug.

Usually a leak that occurs because the rubber seal that prevents seepage out is brittle or worn. So, you should replace the rubber seal first.

However, if this problem cannot be solved, you should immediately replace the drain plug component if the condition is very severe.

Or, if it's urgent, you can work around this by coating the sealtip on the threaded part of the engine block with a drain plug as a temporary measure to keep the oil from escaping.

From this it is very logical if the oil in the car runs out quickly because it seeps out because the rubber seal or the dran plug has been damaged.

Seepage in Carter/Oil Pan

In addition, other causes besides the condition of the car engine oil leak can also occur in the oil pan component.

The oil pan or charter here functions as a reservoir for engine oil which will later be distributed to the entire engine block area for lubrication.

Usually this part of the connection is often the main cause.

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