How to take care of baby finches

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How to care for and care for finches puppies, the experience of finches lovers who have experience caring for this cucak family bird.

How to care for and care for finches


Combine the chicken puree with water and stir until it becomes a mush (not too runny/liquid).

Feed the puppy using a water straw until it is full. Here I recommend using aqua straws, because if you use a stick, the tip of the stick can hurt the puppy's mouth if the puppy is very hungry and enthusiastic. Therefore, it is recommended to use a water straw for feeding and watering.

How to care for and care for finches


If you want to mix it with bananas, mash the bananas until smooth, then mix with a puree like step no. 1.

Likewise if you want to mix it with Kroto, crickets, or caterpillars. Mix with pur porridge like step no 1.

But it can also be without the need to be mixed with pur porridge. If you want to give crickets and caterpillars, just give crickets and caterpillars that are still small.

Give the pur mixture every 1 or 1.5 hours (if the puppy cannot feed itself at all). But if the saplings can feed themselves, feed them however you like.

There's nothing wrong with bribing every now and then to build a bond between the puppy and you as the master.

Always check by smelling pur mixture, because pur mixture mixed with water will become stale.

The smell of stale pur concoction will be very sour and sour when smelled. Therefore, in making pur mixture, pay attention to the amount of pur, not too much because it is useless, later it must be discarded and replaced with new material if it is stale. Usually the pur concoction will go stale within 5 or 6 hours.

You can invite him to play outside the cage without having to worry about your hero coming out. Even if your hero plays and flies some distance away, give a whistle to call, your hero will definitely come close.

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