How to Overcome a Sudden Dead Injection Matic Motor

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People like this means of transportation because it is considered more efficient than having to drive public transportation. In addition, the price is also relatively more affordable than having to buy a car.

Especially now that simpler motorcycle technology is being created. Yes, now we are starting to make automatic motorcycles where all you have to do is step on the gas. Even so we also need to be careful when driving it.

Generally for motorcycles now do use the injection system. This injection technology is considered better and more sophisticated in use. However, what if it turns out that your automatic injection motor dies suddenly while driving? Wow, that sure sucks.

To solve your problem, of course you need to understand the cause first. Knowing the cause of the automatic injection motor turning off suddenly can make your problem immediately resolved. Especially if you are traveling and far from the workshop. So the mastery of science to overcome the problem of this injection motor is very necessary.

Causes of Automatic Injection Motors Can Turn Off Suddenly

Actually the cause of the automatic injection motor can die suddenly can be due to various things. The solution to each problem will of course also be different. Well, in this article we will directly discuss it. Come see!

1. Fuel Out

The cause of the first automatic injection engine to die is running out of fuel. So for that, when your motorbike suddenly dies, don't panic first. Please note that injection technology requires you to keep the motor from running out of fuel. The EFI technology used creates fuel pressure in the fuel line system. If the fuel in the motor runs out then there will be air entering the fuel hose. This also makes the motor difficult to start.

Even so, you don't need to worry because EFI technology can blow air out of the hose. The solution to this problem is that you can refuel your vehicle's tank first. If you keep turning the contact in the ON direction by holding it down for four seconds. After that you can return the contacts to the OFF position. Repeat this method up to five times.

2. Battery Error or Damage

The second cause of the automatic injection motor shuts down suddenly is a faulty battery. If on an ordinary motorcycle the battery is only used for the starter process, then the injection system is different. In motors that have an injection system, the battery serves to maintain the stability of the motor's electric current. If the battery is short, the voltage will drop and the motor will shut down. Now for the solution you can replace this battery.

3. Fuel Pump Off

In this case the gas pump or fuel pump is indeed owned by a vehicle that has EFI technology. The function of this fuel pump is to supply motor fuel to the tank and fuel lines. Please note that if the fuel pump cannot operate properly, it will create fuel pressure in the motor. So that gasoline will not come out of the injector. You can tell if the fuel pump is working when you hear a buzzing sound from the tank when the ignition is in the ON position. The solution you have to replace the fuel pump.

4. Spark Plug Problem

Spark plugs can be one of the problems that causes the automatic injection motor to die suddenly. As we understand if the spark plug plays an important role in engine combustion. Symptoms of motor disorders in the brain can also be seen when the motor suddenly turns off and is difficult to turn on. To overcome a damaged motor bus, of course, you have to replace it with a new spark plug.

5. Sensor is broken

Motors that use EFI technology are also used to using sensors. This sensor can function to check the state of a certain area. Please note if any data has airflow and intake airflow temperature sent by the sensor. Damage to the sensor can cause the engine to start imperfectly and eventually die. The sensor is faulty or you don't know when you took it to an authorized repair shop. Remember not to tinker if you don't understand.

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