How to Remove Rust in the Exhaust

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Muffler is a motor component that most often experiences rust on a motorcycle. Rust on motorcycle exhaust will certainly be a problem for motorcycle users, because it can make the motorcycle look ugly and worn, and can affect its performance as well.

Exhausts often corrode on vehicles because they are frequently submerged in water, often in hot conditions or in rapidly changing temperatures. If you allow this rust to occur, it can cause corrosion or loss of the motor.

This time I will help friends find a solution to overcome this problem. The method that we recommend is also easy and does not require expensive costs. How to remove rust on exhaust? Come on, just take a look at the latest tips below.

1. Use of Used Oil

The first way to get rid of rust on a motorcycle exhaust is to use used oil. Used oil can shed the corrosion that sticks thickly in the exhaust neck.

The rust cleaning process is done easily, without having to remove the exhaust. How to clean rust on the exhaust using used oil, including:

Start the engine until the engine is hot.

Apply used oil on the rusty area on the exhaust side area.

So used oil can make rust melt, because it has properties that are able to conduct heat well.

2. Stamp Use

The next way to remove rust on the exhaust is to use grease.

Grease is usually used to lubricate certain parts of the motor by preventing the occurrence of porous or corrosion.

How to use a grease stamp on stubborn crust deposits on the exhaust is, by:

The first thing to do is to warm up the engine by starting the engine first.

After that, do the rubbing on the rusty motor area using lubricant.

Hot grease will melt stubborn rust deposits on the motorcycle exhaust.

3. Use of Rust Cleaning Cream

You can also use a rust remover cream to remove rust buildup on the motorcycle exhaust. Rust removal cream has an effective ability to remove rust.

The rust cleaning cream itself costs around 10 thousand rupiah. How to use a rust cleaning cream can be done, by using:

Clean the rust using sandpaper until clean

Rinse and clean using water, then dry

If the exhaust is dry, apply a rust removal cream on the cleaned area

After that flush with gasoline.

4. Use of Toothpaste

Stainless steel in the exhaust also has the potential to experience rust corrosion. Automotive friends to overcome the problem of corrosion on stainless steel can use toothpaste.

Only for the use of toothpaste, only devoted to the problem of rust made of stainless steel. How to use this toothpaste is to simply apply toothpaste on several areas of the motorcycle exhaust rust pile.

This toothpaste is not only used to clean the rust on the motorcycle exhaust, but also plays a very important role in cleaning the chain on a motorcycle.

5. Use of Pertamax Plus + Kerosene

You can remove rust on motorcycle exhaust by using Pertamax Plus as a base material with kerosene. How to use it is by:

Mix Pertamax Plus with kerosene, the ratio used is 1:2.

Apply pertamax plus + kerosene on the rusty exhaust area.

Let stand a few moments, then brush gently.

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