Motorcycle Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced

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Know the automatic motor components that must be replaced regularly.

Motorcycle Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced Regularly – Automatic motorbikes are now a popular vehicle for many people.

The practicality and efficiency of using automatic motorcycles are the main factors that make people in the country prefer motorized vehicles with this automatic transmission.

Even though it's easy to use, you can't use it right away. That is, there must be steps to take care of the automatic motor that you have to do.

In addition to routine service and oil changes, of course you need to know that there are automatic motor components that must be replaced regularly.

Bearing in mind, some of these automatic motorcycle parts have a lifetime which of course must be replaced with new ones. Although, under normal circumstances or can be used.

Replacement components on this automatic motor usually have to be replaced when it reaches a certain period of time. Where, 5 years of service life is the ideal time to replace some critical parts.

Now for more clarity and detail, below Mas Sena will share information related to automatic motorcycle spare parts that must be replaced when the service life reaches 5 years. Let's see the full review together.

Matic Motor Components That Must Be Replaced Periodically

In practice, replacing components on an automatic motor is one of the maintenance steps that you must do. Then, what spare parts need to be replaced? Here's the explanation.

Motor Matic Spare Part Component Maintenance

Motorcycle Tires

The first component you should pay attention to for replacement is the motorcycle tire itself.

Actually the tire is a component whose replacement is quite long compared to other components.

However, as an important component related to driving comfort, of course, it is recommended to change tires regularly.

Try not to change the tire yourself until the surface is flat or bare so as not to slip when passing through slippery road terrain.

Although fairly trivial, it's a good idea to replace these components regularly and regularly. Preferably, the replacement can be done once a year or if it is felt that the tire surface has started to go bald.

And, don't forget to use quality tires. It is recommended to use tubeless tires which of course will be much safer and more effective.

Spark Plug Replacement

In addition, the spare part on the scooter that you must replace regularly is the spark plug. Which is indeed one of the vital components in the combustion process.

You need to understand that the normal condition of the motor's spark plugs will certainly greatly affect or have an impact on the engine performance process. This of course cannot be separated from the role of the spark plug itself as the main component in the ignition process of the automatic motor.

In this case, the main task of these spark plugs is to start a fire or burn. Combustion is done by mixing air and fuel.

For self-replacement, manufacturers generally recommend a replacement period after the motor has traveled 20,000 Km.

It's just that the achievement of this distance is for normal spark plug conditions. Moreover, for some cases, for example, the spark plug is damaged even though it has not reached that distance, you have to replace the new spark plug.

Therefore, you should regularly check the condition of the spark plugs. If you feel the automatic motor feels tight when running, you should check the state of the spark plug. Given, the possibility of an underpowered motor engine condition can be triggered due to a problem with the spark plug component itself.

Matic Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brake pads on automatic motorcycles are also one of the few spare parts that you must replace regularly and periodically.

Because, the function of the brake lining is of course an attempt to control or reduce the speed of the motor while driving. Thus, safety or accidents can be avoided.

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